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Access to Performing Arts

The availability of space for performing arts has been a long standing challenge in the MENA especially for independent groups.Tamasi therefore provides opportunities and ‘spaces’ as platforms for changing, challenging and dialoguing at the level of social discourse. 

 In doing this, we aim to increase and diversify access to performing arts with a particular focus on youth and the young generations and achieving gender balance through:

  • Reaching out to and engaging with underserved and marginalised communities.

  • Increasing the number and diversity of performances and productions in targeted countries.

  • Developing performances tackling current and taboo socio-economic and political issues.

  • Increasing access to performing arts spaces including non-traditional and public spaces.

  • Developing and holding training workshops for children and youth, especially in marginalised areas.

  • Engaging with policy makers to influence school curricula.
  • Holding and organising street festivals aimed at children and youth.