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Co-Motion rather than change

Rather than seeking a linear type of social change paradigm, TAMASI collective (and individual organizations) are partners, along with others in the region, in developing and experimenting with the concept and paradigm of “co-motion” or “Hirak” in Arabic. The idea of co-motion or ‘Hirak’ gained new momentum following the recent Arab movements demanding social justice and political participation, where youth started their own 7irak/ co-motion: working together in order to change the status quo through constant collective movement: in the streets and within people’s minds. While Change is generally uni- directional, co-motion builds momentum even within inertia; it creates movement within, changing perceptions, beliefs, and impetus. Change can be illusory in the sense that it gives the impression that in itself it can only be an improvement; while more often than not change is only the beginning of new turmoil. Therefore, as a collective and as socially committed groups, it is more essential to move and work and reflect together to build momentum that is sustainable before, during, and after whatever change impacts our respective societies.