About Us

TAMASI is a collective of 11 performing arts organizations from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine working locally, regionally and internationally.


Vision & Mission

Tamasi envisions a world of equality and diversity where free expression is the main pillar of social and economic justice, where societies share basic human values of respect for nature and life.



Co-Motion rather than change- Working together in order to change the status quo through constant collective movement: in the streets and within people’s minds.


Our Members

We have come together to strengthen, individually & collectively, our capacity to increase access to resources, withstand marginalization of the arts, break the isolation of Arab artists.

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Our Work

Tamasi provides opportunities and ‘spaces’ as platforms for changing, challenging and dialoguing at the level of social discourse.



Tamasi is working with civil society organizations to change policies and programs regarding the role of the performing arts sector.